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eco-tour industry with the highest
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What does ACCT mean? More about our tours Staff Bios

ASSOCIATION FOR CHALLENGING COURSE TECHNOLOGY is the leading trade association for those working with and on behalf of the challenge course industry.  

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Read an overview on our adventure tour! Glide through tropics and explore nature's best kept secret. We are an ACCT Member with extensively trained guides who are CPR and First Aid Certified.

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We invite you to find out more about our certified staff here at Tree Limin' Extreme. Our experienced guides have unique training and diverse backgrounds! We invite you to read more!

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Founded in 1993, ACCT is the world’s leading and largest ANSI* Accredited Standards Developer focused specifically and solely on the challenge course industry. 

ACCT is the leading trade association for those working with and on behalf of the challenge course industry.  ACCT assembles thought leaders, builders, practioners, researchers, and other stakeholders and sets minimum standards for developing and running challenge course programs. 

ACCT has been setting standards for the challenge course industry since 1994.  Now in the 7th Edition, the ACCT standards are recognized in many different countries and by many different organizations as the standards for the challenge course industry. The 7th edition includes chapters on Installations, Inspections, Operations and Practitioner Certification.

The ACCT standards do not contain drawings or designs for challenge course elements.

Contents of the chapters are as follows:

Tree Limin' Extreme!

Installation Standards - Minimum strength standards for various parts of a course.

Inspection Standards - What should be covered in an inspection, some retirement criteria, and what a report should include.

Operations Standards - Course management specifics and facilitator competencies.

Practitioner Certification Standards – outlines the requirements for a certification program and the requirements for each level of certification.

Qualified Challenge Course Professional – outlines the criteria for a certification trainer/tester.


Read more about Canopy/Zipline Tour History here.



We are home of the Virgin
Islands first Zipline adventure!

We are a canopy tour/zipline park located on St. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands. We have 6 ziplines, two sky bridges, acres of jungle, and the best zipline views in the world. Come zip with us and have the ultimate caribbean experience, from our amazing guides and our collection of local plants in our terraced gardens, you will have an unforgettable adventure and learn something about our islands.

It is a very exciting time as we are now open for business! Call the office for reservations at 340-642-9477, or visit our booking site. If you are on island we are located across from the St. Peter Great House on St. Peter Mountain Road,
but remember that reservations are required.

Be sure to check out this blog routinely for all the new happenings here at Tree
Limin’ Extreme. But this won’t be only about zip lining, thats for sure. We will be
covering all that our islands have to offer, with a special focus on adventure,
nature, culture, and extreme sports. You will also be able to meet, and learn
more about, our amazing guides.

You can bet if it is extreme and in the islands, you can see it here.
Thanks for visiting, and stay extreme. It’s da island ting!




Staff BiosTree Limin' Extreme!

Julie Eaton-Bryan - Owner

Julie's adventurous spirit brought her to tropical St. Thomas in 1991 from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She loves the white sand beaches, endless sunshine, cultural diversity, and rich opportunities that St.Thomas provides. Julie has had a lifelong passion for adventure. In 1993 she sailed across the atlantic from Antigua to Europe. The vessel was a 45 year old Danish sailing vessel named Vendia. It was a rugged double masted, gaff rigged, 68 foot long wooden ship. After the Atlantic crossing, Julie embarked on a year long voyage through the Mediterranean. During that year she visited nearly all of the islands, including the greek isles. Next for Julie was a journey to Tuscany, where she spent a month at a thousand year old Abbey called Badia a Coltibuono. There she immersed herself in the vibrant and historic Tuscan culture.

zipline view

The last stop on her year long journey was St. Anton, Austria for some skiing. Upon her return she began working in wholesale jewelry. She learned so much, and met many wonderful people. Julie loved following the cruise ships to all major cruise ports: Eastern and Western Caribbean, Mexico, Bahamas, Bermuda, Alaska, Hawaii and more (none of which come close to the panoramic views of St. Thomas!). In 1996, she spent a month exploring Costa Rica. While there she indulged her penchant for adventure with trekking, white water rafting, volcano climbing, and horseback riding. Perhaps most importantly though, there she experienced her first zipline adventure. She describes her tropical zip adventure, as one of the most exhilarating and inspiring experiences of her life.

It was such an amazing experience, Julie decided that she would open a zipline in St. Thomas one day. She held this vision since 1996. In 2008, Julie decided it was time to make her dream of opening a zipline on St. Thomas a reality. She began to seek out property on which to build her dream. But, finding an affordable large tract of land, located in a rainforest environment on this small island was an arduous task. Patience and persistence prevailed. In 2011 she was able to secure the 8 acre tract of land we now call Tree Limin' Extreme. The location was an idyllic slice of tropical rainforest across from an existing tourist attraction high on St. Peter Mountain. It was perfection, and the dream became a reality. Julie believes the park is an excellent edition to Virgin Islands Tourism. “We will create the ultimate caribbean experience” she says. “We want our guests to feel as if they have truly experienced our culture. From our traditional architecture and terraced stone walls filled with local flora, caribbean fruit trees, and fauna, to the sweeping views of our many islands and cays. This park embodies the best of what our amazing islands have to offer.” So please come and see us here at Tree Limin' Extreme. Come experience the VI spirit, our history, and of course the adrenaline filled tour itself. After all, it is da island ting!




Marc Bryan - Owner/Builder

Marc Bryan's family settled on the north side of St. Thomas in the early 1900's after migrating from the French island of St. Barths. His grandfather was one of the first farmers on the north side, and his family  owns a nursery not far from our location. He has firm roots here in St. Thomas. Marc attended Cooper Union School of Architecture, graduating with a BA in 1992. He has maintained both design and contractors licenses since 1994. He went on the build a multi-family home here on St. Thomas, and has designed and constructed a few of the islands amazing luxury villas. Marc then constructed our beautiful course here at Tree Limin' Extreme. Coming from a farming family, Marc is a wealth of knowledge on the local plants, and he takes pride in having constructed a such a beautiful course, in such a beautiful setting. He is glad to share the rainforest with islanders, and visitors alike. He believes this course will be an excellent addition to the island, and hopes you will come and enjoy his labor of love.


Christy Walker


Christy is originally from the bay area of California, but comes to Tree Limin' Extreme by way of Oregon. She has been in the outdoor and tourism industry for 14 years. She lived in Hawaii, on the island of Kauai, where she managed a zipline park. She also managed several ropes courses in Oregon. She holds a degree in tourism and outdoor leadership from Oregon State. She has lived in Chile, where she was interning as a tour guide, and exploring everything South America had to offer. She enjoys everything about the outdoors, but especially camping and hiking.

Christy is a certified interpretative guide, wilderness first aid certified, and a trained climbing guide. She is also bilingual, speaking Spanish and English. Lastly, she is a founding member of Fabba 3, a super group all about Abba.



Alan Walker

Alan is originally from the island of Oahu in Hawaii. He grew up camping, surfing, and playing soccer. With dreams to start a youth outdoor camp, Alan began working in the outdoor industry on the island of Kauai. There he was a lead guide for river tubing excursions, and was the equipment manager. Alan moved to St. Thomas from Oregon, where he was working in the hospitality industry. All told, Alan has been working in hospitality and tourism for over 20 years. In his spare time he enjoys a good book or playing dominos.



Carl Daniel

Carl Daniel is a native of the Island of St. Thomas. He was previously an engineering aide with the Government's Tax Assessor Office. He has been with Tree Limin' Extreme from the beginning.

In his spare time he enjoys basketball and football. Carl loves working here because he gets to experience and share the wild natural environment he grew up in. He likes to show guests all of the wildlife and plants of his home here in St. Thomas.



Daniel Arestil

Daniel was born and raised in the city of Cap Haitien, in the north of Haiti. In his youth, he loved playing football, where he was a goalkeeper. In Haiti, he learned the construction trade, and moved to St. Thomas in 2011 to pursue further job training and opportunities. Daniel was part of the crew that constructed our course here, so he knows it inside and out. Daniel decided to stay on as a guide with Tree Limin' Extreme after construction was complete, and has been with us from the beginning.

Daniel is excited about this opportunity, and loves working with all the guests. Meeting new people from around the world and, in turn, sharing his Caribbean and Haitian culture, is his favorite part. Daniel speaks English, Spanish, French, and French Creole.



Leon Vil

Leon comes to Tree Limin' Extreme from the beautiful and vibrant country of Haiti. Originally trained as a gardener in his native country, he also learned the construction trade. He moved to St. Thomas for more construction opportunities in 2008. Leon was a member of the construction team that built the course, and he decided to stay on post construction as a guide. Leon enjoys the opportunity to work in a job that allows him to have fun and meet many new people. He relishes the new experience working here gives him. Leon speaks English, Spanish, French, and French Creole.


Akanni Brathwaite

Akanni is native to beautiful St. Thomas and enjoys the wonderful weather it brings. He likes to go to the beach with his children and take boat rides. He chose to work for Tree Limin' Extreme because it would be a fun challenge and he could spend more time outside.  


Alana Bredahl

Alana Bredahl comes from Kalamazoo, Michigan and ventured out to St. Thomas with her fiancé to pursue a more adventurous lifestyle. Originally, her fiancé was working as a guide, and that drew her to working at Tree Limin’ Extreme. Formally, she has worked at summer camps and has been an avid dancer her whole life. In addition, she enjoys hiking, skim boarding and dancing. Something unique about Alana is that she has a strong passion for animals and does the social networking for TLE.



Anthony Madera

Anthony made the big move down to the Virgin Islands all the way from California. He took the leap because his girlfriend got a teaching position and he thought it would be a really great experience. He takes advantage of the wonderful hiking trails, snorkeling and the beaches of St. Thomas.

Before moving down to the islands, he had a passion for skate boarding and still likes to try new things everyday.


Cathy Jules

Our friendly gift shop assistant, Cathy, has a capability to make everyone around her to feel happy and comfortable. She is also a very outgoing person, opened minded and straight forward. She is from Dominica and enjoys swimming, netball, rounders and volleyball. She decided to make the move to St. Thomas because it was a whole new world for her children to experience.

What brought her to Tree Limin’ Extreme was the adventure and the idea of meeting new people on a daily basis.


Dinia Martin

Dinia, one of our awesome receptionists, is originally from Dominica and came to St. Thomas to give her son more opportunities and to change up her lifestyle. She loves taking walks and going to the beach with her son. Dinia has worked for the owners for a number of years and once they started the business, she thought it would be a fun opportunity! Not only does she have an amazing sense of humor, she puts a smile on the face of everyone she meets.


Dornel Weaver

Growing up in St. Thomas has made Dornel a big fan of the outdoors and the beach. He is naturally talented at almost every sport he tries, which makes him more willing to try new things. On land, he likes to play basketball, go zip lining, and play other sports and on water, he likes to go jet skiing, and mess around with other water sports.

You can’t miss Dornel at Tree Limin’ Extreme because he is the tallest guide!



Garn Johnson

Garn comes from the beautiful island of Dominica, but moved to St. Thomas to start a new life. He likes relaxing by the beach, hiking, and ziplining. He got the opportunity to help open Tree Limin’ Extreme and then continued to stay once it was built because he liked the company.




Kasimu Bartlett

Kasimu was lucky to be born and raised in St. Thomas and loves the outdoors. He also has a passion for cooking, especially southern cuisine. Kas is also a bar tender at our bar Da Lime in Da Coconut and enjoys making fun and interesting drinks. When he isn't creating delicious food, he is instructing Capoeira and is a fight trainer.



Kyle Eddington

Kyle is a Midwesterner, originally from Wisconsin and has also spent time in Ohio. When his wife was offered a job in St. Thomas, they were very excited and she accepted the position. In his spare time, he enjoys taking his dogs, Isabelle and Brutus, to the beach, and walking them as well. He likes to spend a lot of his time by the water when he’s not zipping through the air, and enjoys swimming and paddle boarding. Back home, Kyle did a lot of custom carpentry jobs that included church organs and other unique woodworking projects.



Leandra Williams

Leandra is a St. Thomas native that has a contagious happy-go-lucky attitude. Her sweet personality makes her fun to be around and easy to get along with. In her spare time she likes to dance, hike and relax at the gorgeous beaches of St. Thomas. She also has a passion for working with kids and the great outdoors. We like to call her our ray of sunshine!


Leron Alfred

Leron was born and raised on St. Thomas and continues to love the island he’s from. He’s addicted to music and exploring new activities. When he’s not zipping, he’s out playing basketball and hanging out at the many beaches the Virgin Islands have to offer.


Lucner Edouard

Lucner goes by the name Ed and comes from the culturally rich country of Haiti. He made the nearly 500 mile move from Haiti to St. Thomas because he wanted a better standard of life. He enjoys many outdoor activities, like sports, swimming and hanging out at the beach. When looking for a place to work, he wanted something unique and that could be a lot of fun!


Luen Anthony

Luen, or “The Donkey”, is from St. Thomas. He likes to live a healthy and active lifestyle by working out and playing sports like football and basketball. What drew him to Tree Limin’ Extreme was the fun atmosphere and making people laugh.


Makil Bedminster

Makil was born on the island of St.Thomas and enjoys all the amenities the island life has to offer. In his spare time he plays volleyball with friends, goes swimming, scuba dives, and goes boating. Makil thought working at the zip line would be perfect for him because he loves outdoor actives and working outside. In the past, he has worked at a summer camp called Total Camp Experience, which is located on St. Thomas, but they made frequent trips to St. John. He also has a passion for the arts and enjoys photography and writing and producing songs. He eventually hopes to go to school for documentary and film making to pursue his dreams. 


Shaquille Bruno

Shaquille goes by his last name Bruno, and is from St. Thomas. He has many hobbies, which include playing sports, hanging out with friends and going to the beach. A friend of his told him about Tree Limin’ Extreme and he wanted a fun job and to be apart of the team.  His outgoing personality makes it easy for him to tell great stories and get along with all the guests.


Wilnes "TJ" Dodin

Wilnes, or TJ as all of his friends call him, is from the beautiful country of Haiti. Moving to St. Thomas was a big deal to him because it gave him many more opportunities with his life. He choose Tree Limin’ Extreme because he wanted a job that helped him learn more about St. Thomas and could have a ton of fun at the same time. TJ likes to play soccer outside of work and always has a smile on his face!