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You've got questions, we've got answers!

q How long does the tour take?
Once you have been geared up,
the tour will take between 2 2.5 hours.
q How old do you have to be?
Children must be at least 5 years of age and weigh a minimum of 70lbs to zip solo; otherwise, they may tandem zip with an adult as long as the combined weight does not exceed the 275lb weight maximum.
q What are the requirements for tandem zipping?

A child may go zipping if they are less than or equal to 70 pounds, as long as they always go tandem on every line and they are at least 5 years of age.

Anyone over 70 pounds can zip alone. When tandem zipping, the combined weight of the two participants cannot exceed 275 pounds.

Tandem zippers ages 5-7 must partner with a parent or a guardian who is 18 years or older. Anyone who is 8 years of age or older and is tandem zipping, can be partnered with another participant that is 8 years of age or older as long as all other criteria applies.
q What are the requirements?
You must weigh between 70 and 275 pounds, at least 48 inches tall, and no taller than 6 feet 6 inches tall. You must be in good general health and wear closed toe shoes.
qIs there any place to store
my belongings?

a Lockers are available to store your belongings, at your own risk, for a $5.00 fee.
q Where are you located?
We are located on the Island of St. Thomas, in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Passports are NOT required. Our address is 7406 Estate St. Peter. We are located directly across from the
St. Peter Mountain Great House.

Take a look at our map!
q What should I wear?
It is important to dress for the weather here. The weather is typically 85 and sunny, but there are occasional rain showers. Shorts and a t-shirt are the norm, and are required to wear closed toe shoes.
q Do you still zip in the rain?
We zip rain or shine, and a tour will not be delayed, or stopped, for rain.
q I just had surgery/an injury. Can I still zip?

If you have any questions about your physical ability to participate consult your personal physician. Our staff will not determine your ability for you.
q What if I am afraid of heights?
We understand some of our guests may be a bit nervous. Our guides are professionals, and are excellent at helping everyone have a great experience.
qDo I need reservations?
Reservations are required, and payment in full, is required at time of reservation.
qIs it scary?
Our tour is a lot of fun, even if you may be a bit scared.
qIs there a cancellation policy?

Yes, there is no refund for any cancellation made within 72 hours of the zip tour time.  Cancellations made prior to 72 hours of the zip tour time will be charged a 10% processing fee.  No exceptions for late arrivals. 
q Do we have to walk far?
You will have to walk a short distance up stairs to our waiting off-road vehicle for the drive to the start. There are approximately a total of 100 stairs throughout the whole course.  Guests must be able to walk without assistance. 
qDo I need to bring anything?
You should come dressed for the weather and wear closed toe shoes. You may want a camera, but all items brought on the tour are at your own risk. Water is recommended; however, we do have bottled water for sale.  We also recommend sun block, sunglasses, and identification. 

Guests are also encouraged to bring currency or a credit card to purchase their “bragging rights” and snacks.
qWhat is the cost of a taxi?
Taxi costs vary depending on your starting point and number of passengers.  Here is a few fees from some of the major starting points on island to our facility for two or more passengers.

Marriott Frenchman’s Reef ........... $9.00 each
Havensight Area ............................ $8.00 each
Magens Bay Beach Resort ........... $8.00 each
Crown Bay area ............................. $8.00 each
Ritz Carlton ................................... $10.00 each